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Woods Island Information and Resources

Here are some resources that may be of use if you wish to paddle in Vermont’s Inland Sea and to Woods Island in particular.

  1.     Chuck Woessner; Parks Regional Manager

             Vermont State Parks

       111 West Street

       Essex Junction, VT 05452

       (phone 802-879-5686) (fax 802-878-5192)

        Chuck was an invaluable help in planning and clearing up contradictory

        information in printed material.  He was easily available by email and phone.     

  1.     Vermont State Parks  General information and park locator. 

  1.     Woods Island State Park  Direct link to Woods Island information

  1.     Vermont State Parks - Woods Island.pdf 

  1.     Woods Island Map and information.pdf

  1.     Off Season Access.pdf  List of access to all parks in the off season (after    

        Labor Day)

  1.     Off Season Camp Request.pdf  The off season campsite request form

  1.     Inland Sea Map.pdf  A map of the Inland Sea showing Woods, Burton

        and other islands hosting camping. 

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