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The Suwannee River Camps

            Holton Creek River Camp is 18.7 miles downstream from Woods Ferry.  It is a lovely paddle through a meandering Suwannee River, with high limestone cliffs on the outside of every turn and glistening white sandbars on the inside. 

            The landing at Holton Creek is much more welcoming that that at Woods Ferry.  There is a broad beach, somewhat steep, that makes unloading and loading kayaks and securing them for the night, easy.  The camp itself is very similar in layout to Woods Ferry, with all the same amenities.  We had reservations here and found a sign on a platform with our name on it.  As it turned out we were the only residents at Holton Creek that night, as even the campground host was A WOL! 


Holton Creek River Camp

Holton Creek, our second river camp.  Every bit as nice as the first.file://localhost/2.Holton%20Creek%20River%20Camp-6.iMovieProject
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