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The Suwannee River Camps

            Woods Ferry was our first river camp and only eleven miles downstream from our put-in.  We were in for a pleasant surprise.  We had heard about these river camps and their screened and covered platforms with ceiling fans and electric lights, but we were skeptical.  Everything we had heard about the amenities at the river camps was true, including flush toilets, hot showers, air conditioned bathrooms, outside sinks for washing dishes, facilities that are handicapped accessible, covered pavilions for groups and camp fire circles.  There were two other groups at Woods Ferry with us, using four of the five available platforms.  This was the only camp where we shared the facilities with others.  We were the only campers at the other two river camps we visited. 

            The state of Florida has done a wonderful job in creating these river camps.  They are for the most part well designed and luxurious from a paddler’s point of view.  They are free of charge and are spotlessly maintained.  My only concern is that some of the landings are a bit difficult for kayaks.  In one place, the only landing is on stairs that descend into the water.  That being said, kudos to the Florida State Park system and the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail for developing and maintaining such wonderful paddle friendly facilities!


The Woods Ferry River Camp

Some of the sequences in these videos are a bit shaky, as I am still learning how to use my new video camera.  They tend to get better as we go forward. 

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